Parent and Student Access

Need Account Information?

If you need to request account information or need help accessing your account, please contact the school at 740-474-7503.

When requesting an account:

  • your full name
  • full name of the student(s) associated with your account
  • grade of the student(s) associated with your account
  • your relationship to the student(s)
  • only legal guardians will be issued accounts

Important Information

  • Participating teachers will update grades and assignments in Progress Book at their convenience. Please do not expect the grade for an assignment to be posted the very next day.
  • There are two accounts associated with each student, one for the parent and one for the student.  Each type of account should be used by the appropriate person.
  • Assignments and grades for a student can only be viewed using the accounts assigned to that student. Security is dependent on protection of User Names and Passwords.
  • For other information or questions, please contact the school.

Helpful Hints

  • Please change the User Name on your account and the password to one that you will easily remember using the "My Account" options. (Always try to include both numbers and letters in passwords.)
  • Check in often, and stay involved in your child’s education.
  • Make time to check in on a student's progress with them present. Make it a cooperative effort and discuss any problems with them before contacting the teacher.

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